Jilted hubby burns family to death


AN ANGRY man of Kalulushi on the Copperbelt has died alongside his wife and 24 year old stepdaughter after a marital quarrel drove him to lock them in the house and set it it ablaze.

According to those privy to the horrific tale, the problems in the marriage of 46-year Maureen Lupiya and her cassonova husband Kafula Mulenga aged 64 reached boiling point when the man returned from a week-long outing of infidelity on Thursday night.

After his wife told him that he should return to where he had come from because she was no longer interested in the marriage, Mulenga, also nicknamed Mulenga Machine went away but returned later in the night with container of petrol.

Mulenga then locked himself in the house along with his wife and stepdaughter Bertha Kasongo, a final year University of Zambia student, poured petrol all over the house and set it blaze.

From the blaze, Mulenga’s wife died on the spot, but him and Bertha emerged from the inferno with severe burns but eventually succumbed.

Before her death at Kitwe Central Hospital, Bertha narrated to her relatives that her step father locked the house around 21:00hrs and threw the keys out of the window before pouring petrol everywhere and lit the house.

Bertha said she called out for help, but her and her mother Maureen had already sustained multiple burns.

The funeral for Bertha and her mother is being held in M section Chamboli, Kitwe, while Mulenga’s funeral is in Kalulushi.

Kalemba February 12, 2024



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