Liswaniso boasts of growing party, denies vote buying claims


UPND National Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso has dismissed allegations of vote buying and declared the party’s growing popularity across Zambia.

In Hot FM’s Hot Seat programme, this morning, Liswaniso painted a confident picture of a steadily expanding UPND base, shrugging off criticisms and highlighting recent by-election victories as proof of their increasing stronghold

Responding to a query about the party’s health, Liswaniso asserted, “Our party is not intact, it’s growing!”

He cited by-election successes as a testament to their rising support, particularly in areas previously considered opposition strongholds.

This surge, he believes, is fuelled by President Hakainde Hichilema’s effective leadership and the “positive scores” achieved through initiatives like increased CDF funding and job creation.

Dismissing accusations of vote buying, Liswaniso emphasized the UPND’s commitment to door-to-door campaigns and direct engagement with voters.

“We don’t believe in buying people’s support,” he declared, adding that such tactics were akin to “self-deception.”

“Even if today we buy people. The general election will come are you going to buy everybody? The answer is no,” Liswaniso exclaimed.

He said by-elections were treated as pilot projects so that when the general elections comes they party knows what to do.

However, Liswaniso acknowledged the challenges of governing and the need for constant improvement.

He stressed that the UPND’s primary focus is delivering on its promises to the Zambian people, not seeking praise.

“Our role is to deliver,” he stated firmly, encouraging party members to listen to critical feedback rather than seeking self-congratulation.

Kalemba January 30, 2024


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