Shadows fall on CCPU officers after torturing teenage suspect


The law has come calling for four Community Crime Preventions Unit (CCPU) officers who allegedly tortured a 14 year old suspect in Lusaka’s Kailikiliki.

A disturbing video emerged recently of the alleged brutality, and painted a grim picture of the officers who ought to be protectors but morphed into predators

This raised eyebrows and was attracted the attention of the Human Rights commission who condemned the act and asked for justice.

Benson Banda, Smart Phiri, Paul Sakala, and Janex Yambayamva stand accused of assaulting 14-year-old boy who is believed to be behind many atrocities, including theft and murder, revealed police.

Their silence, a deafening roar in the face of public outrage, speaks volumes about the alleged atrocity which they refused to acknowledge.

“During the investigation, the accused opted to exercise their right to remain silent in their Warn and Caution statements,” stated police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga.

The victim subjected to apparent maltreatment in the video, is definitely no saint or sheep because at the young age he faces serious charges himself, including murder, aggravated robbery, and malicious damage to property.

But the Human Rights Commission argued that that should not be a reason valid enough to subject the juvenile to such kind of treatment.

Meanwhile, Hamoonga said the authorities were committed to a thorough and transparent investigation, ensuring justice prevails.

“As a law enforcement agency we condemn any form of misconduct within our institution and we would like to assure the public that such actions will be met with the full force of the law.

“We remain dedicated to upholding the principles of justice, accountability, and community safety,” added Hamoonga.

CAPTION Picture of the boy handcuffed and tied to a bar.

Kalemba February 10, 2024


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