Kakubo fast tracks Muzuile Community Centre face-lift


Learners at Muzuile Community Centre in Nchembwe Ward are getting a facelift of their school in Kapiri Mposhi, Central Province.

Their mud and grass classrooms will soon be a distant memory, replaced by a gleaming new school by the end of March as announced by area member of parliament Stanely Kakubo.

“We are ahead of schedule to deliver a brand new school at Muzuile Community Centre in Nchembwe Ward, and by the end of March 2024, the children will no longer use the mud and grass classroom.”

This educational leap forward isn’t just about bricks and mortar. Imagine bright-eyed youngsters exploring the wonders of learning in a facility that boasts an early childhood learning area, sparkling new desks, and, most importantly, flushable toilets!

Gone are the days of struggling with outdated infrastructure – education in Muzuile is about to enter a new era.

But this transformation isn’t a solo act. MP Kakubo acknowledges the invaluable contributions of partners like the Siksha Foundation, Manu Foundation, and V & S Foundation.

Together, they have woven a a material of progress, bringing the gift of clean water and modern education to the doorstep of Muzuile’s future leaders.

“The school design includes an early childhood learning facility, abolution blocks with flushable toilets and new desks” Kakubo wrote on his Facebook page.

“The water reticulation system has already been extended to supply clean tap water to the nearby villages.”

So, while the final touches are being made, the excitement in Muzuile is already palpable. Soon, the sound of eager young minds buzzing with knowledge will replace the echoes of outdated limitations.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 8, 2024


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