Christmas cheers with a green twist, Mutati targets deforestation mitigation


THIS Christmas, Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati exemplified the true spirit of the season by supporting a noble cause, fostering environmental sustainability, and bringing hope to communities affected by deforestation in Zambia.

In a heartwarming Christmas gesture, Mutati, also the Catholic National Don Bosco Patron, spent the festive day at St Mathias Mulumba Parish in Lusaka’s Bauleni Compound.

Mutati and his wife, Dr Grace, made a significant contribution to a project combating deforestation caused by charcoal burning.

The initiative, led by the Parish’s Don Bosco boys and youths, focuses on supplying cost-effective gas stoves to the community.

These gas stoves, which are being sold at a price that is 50% lower than the cost of traditional charcoal, have the purpose of decreasing Zambia’s high deforestation rate, which currently ranges from 250,000 to 300,000 hectares per year.

Expressing his commitment to the cause, Mutati dedicated funds to cover 50% of the cost for the first 100 youths.

“So when I last came here, I said to father, I will be part of the fight as the patron and anyone who pays 50 percent, I’ll pay 50 percent, and the whole fight is simply of climate change and also to support the Don Bosco boys in the fight, and also to support the community and today is symbolic because it is Christmas period, it is the time for giving and the key ingredients for Christmas are having time for each other, sharing love with each other, and saying thank you for being there,” said Mutati.

The campaign not only fights climate change but also empowers the Don Bosco boys to produce and sell these gas stoves to the wider community.

Father Norbert Lesa, the St Mathias Mulumba Parish priest, expressed gratitude for Mutati’s support, emphasizing the positive impact the gas stoves will have on both the parish and the larger community.

Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba December 26, 2023


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