I was tired; I almost committed suicide – ex-drug addict

FROM facing suspensions in schools, being taken to Chainama mental hospital five times and being jailed a couple of times as a result of abusing drugs, simple words from his loving father changed the life of Daniel Mbazima.
Prior to overcoming the retrogressive addiction, Mbazima struggled with it for quite some time.
He is the first born and only son in a family of four who started abusing drugs back in 2011.
Mbazima was in 2013 expelled from a named university and thereafter went to a different university where he met new people.
Despite the change of school, Mbazima continued abusing drugs.
The addiction became worse and it resulted into him being expelled for the second time.
At home, he was hit with depression as most of his friends were doing well in life.
With depression kicking in, Mbazima started being found in Chibolya, a Lusaka hub for illegalities.
Mbazima used to steal at home and even manipulate people just to get money for drugs.
At that point, the situation got to a terrible stage and that is when his trips to jail and Chainama started, like on a back and forth basis.
In his own words, Mbazima shares that drug addiction took him to a point where: “I almost committed suicide because I was just tired.”
“I never thought that I would ever come out of it. I was home for a bit, I struggled with it for a year. It was just simple words that my father told me; ‘you are not the problem, but your addiction is what causes problems in your life,” Mbazima recalls.
“He told me ‘if you look at your top 10 problems, the addiction is there, your top five, addiction is there, top three addiction is there. The single problem that is causing everything else that you are struggling with is the addiction.”
He remembers his father telling him that ‘if only you can work on this (drug addiction challenge), then things can become better.’
“It was then that I decided to seek for help and went into rehabilitation. That was in 2018,” he says.
Mbazima further notes that his mother also stood with him.
“When everybody saw an ending, my mother saw the beginning of a new life,” Mbazima says, adding that his mother would pray for him at a time he was struggling with the addiction.”
Mbazima is currently helping others to find their way out of drug addiction, especially young people.
His biggest dream is seeing a drug-free Zambia.
Kalemba November 17, 2022


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