UTH doctor experiences nightmare after meeting Mutale Mwanza


WHILE hundreds of netizens dream and drool at the thought of meeting saleceous socialite Mutale Mwanza, a University Teaching Hospital medical doctor’s encounter with her turned into a nightmare with a lasting after taste.


According to reports Mwanza, abandoned her lifestyle of stirring up commotion online with different drama for engagement, taking her ‘savage’ behavior to the streets of Lusaka’s Chainda Compound.

Mwanza reportedly blocked Dr Natasha Mulenga with her car and pulled a gun on her in a feat of road rage.

The socialite who has recently been on the spotlight for her supposed international affair with a renowned musician in Zambia’s ‘extended province’ of Malawi has now been dragged to court for her thuggery stunt.

Dr Mulenga is demanding damages for assault for the trauma she suffered as a result of Mwanza’s violent behaviour.

In a statement of claim filed before the Lusaka High Court Dr Mulenga said that on November 5, 2023 whilst driving home she stumbled upon a broken-down vehicle in Chainda which caused a traffic jam.

She said that she maintained her lane and swerved the faulty vehicle to allow traffic to flow.

Dr Mulenga recounted that before her car could pass by the faulty vehicle Mwanza who is fondly known as ‘M-Nation’ flashed lights at her vehicle before bypassing it and blocking her.

The complainant said Mwanza displayed her gangster behaviour when she alighted from her car with a firearm, slammed her vehicle and scorned her before pointing a gun at her.

“The defendant then started shouting at the Plaintiff and banging on the Plaintiff’s vehicle. Because of Mwanza’s actions, the plaintiff suffered injury and apprehended fear of immediate battery and violence,”Dr Mulenga said.

She said she suffered extreme trauma and post traumatic stress which resulted into panic disorder and severe anxiety.

“The plaintiff suffered sleep disorder and experienced recurring nightmares about the event and gastrointestinal upset,” Dr Mulenga said.

She stated that she was placed on a 10-day mandatory medical leave due to diminished concentration and she had to see a psychotherapist at the Adult and Emergency Hospital at UTH.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba December 7, 2023.


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