GUEST ARTICLE: Killy’s tummy causes stir


By Mwenya Mukuka

Dear Killy,

Oh, dear Killy, your tummy is the talk of the town like a carnival attraction! My, my, what a spectacle you have made of yourself, flaunting your midsection as if it were the latest fashion trend.

But alas, my dear, the only trend you seem to be setting is one of poor taste, misplaced priorities and a disgrace to the women folk.

Have you forgotten, dear Killy, certain body parts are meant for your husband’s eyes only? Instead, you parade around on ‘bookface’ like a peacock displaying its feathers, begging for attention and validation from all who pass by.

Oh, the irony of it all! Here you are, a ‘married woman’, seeking to trim your tummy publicly, perhaps in bid to please the masses and gain social media following, while your poor children are left wondering.

Such folly should be spoken against! Ok, Killy apa waisebanya. Everyone now knows that you carry a big tummy which may not be attractive to some.

NOmba umfwa, true beauty lies not in the size of waistlines, but in the strength of character and the depth of self-respect.

And to you, dear ba Killy, I offer this gentle reminder: your tummy may be big, but your heart should be even bigger. So, let us all strive to love ourselves just as we are, tummy and all, and let us save the trimmings for the Christmas tree in December!

Kalemba February 23, 2024


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