GUEST ARTICLE: Celebrate your Grade 7 babies regardless…


By Laura Miti

Congratulations to all parents of children who have achieved glittering marks to proceed to Grade 8 and 10.

Congratulations, too, to those whose children have done well, but not brilliantly.

It is, however, parents,whose children have barely progressed that I am interested in. I would like them to understand that the Zambian obsession with 800 marks at Grade 7 and 500 at Grade should not stop them from celebrating their children and charges.

I was squarely in that group. In primary school, I was a scatter brain who just about squeaked past grade 7. I achieved 1 mark over the pass mark.

Somewhere along the way, though, the wires connected, and connected really well, much to my mum’s shock.

So hey – celebrate your babies!

Kalemba December 26, 2023


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