GUEST ARTICLE: Is Edgar Lungu really a lawyer?


By Ollus Mav Ndomu

WITH utmost respect and deference, I find myself compelled to express my profound bewilderment regarding former president Edgar Lungu.

His demeanor, rhetoric, and choice of friends cast a shadow of doubt upon the prestigious title of former President that he bears.

I cannot help but question the authenticity of his legal education, pondering whether he truly has the acumen of a lawyer.

During his reign, our nation was plagued by a distressing surge in violence, tribal animosity, corruption, and the ominous presence of political henchmen.

Astonishingly, even in his retirement, his mental faculties seem to lack the clarity one would expect.

It is my fervent prayer that we shall never again be subjected to the leadership of an individual as indecisive and perplexing as Mr Lungu.

Kalemba December 15, 2023


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