GUEST ARTICLE: Not even one sentence to comment about our current problems from Lungu


By Laura Miti

It seems that in his current apparition, President Lungu has decided to be as clownish as a toddler. Sitting with folded legs on chairs in public, a little skip here, a jig there, a guffaw out of the blue.

Now, since the man is a politician, and everything that politicians do is designed to get or keep them in office, it means Mr Lungu and his image makers have agreed that this is what we Zambians need to see, to vote him back into office.
This is what we want in a President.

Think of this. Other than that second-coming speech that he screamed at us, President Lungu has not strung 3 coherent sentences together, to speak to us.

Not even one basic engagement to share his thoughts on any of the many problems currently ailing the country.

Instead, niku jumpa jumpa surrounded by multiple men whose private thoughts one would so love to know. I mean, these are not uninformed thuggish hangers on, EL has.

You have smart, eloquent individuals in Mr Lungu’s mobile circus. Have they all agreed that it is entertainment Zambia needs?

Eh, awee politics, mwandi


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