Defilement accused tax collect about to collect share of justice


THE Chadiza Magistrates’ Court has convicted 47 year old tax collector, Fred Banda for defiling a 13 year old girl.

Following this development Banda’s bond was revoked and he was immediately allocated a free plot behind bars at Namuseche Prisons where he won’t be able to pay or receive levy.

Magistrate Fred Musaka, in passing judgement ruled that it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that Banda had carnal knowledge of the minor.

In exculpating himself Banda vehemently denied defiling the girl, stating that if he did the act, the girl would have needed the aid of a wheelbarrow for movement as she would have been incapable of walking.

However, evidence had emerged implicating Banda to having bribed a medical personnel Mishaukwa Chimoga with a K3,000 to distort the findings in the medical report.

But police officer, Constable Christine Banda testified before the court revealing the text messages between Banda and the family of the victim concerning a transaction.

And Upon realising that there was an alteration on the said medical report, the police advised the girl’s relatives to seek a second opinion from another medical practitioner named Harrison Simbeye.

Dr Simbeye, a senior Resident Medical Officer, currently acting as District Health Director in Chadiza told the court that after medical examinations were done on the victim it was established that the juvenile had an opening of 4 centimeters unlike the normal radius of 0 to 1 centimetre as a result of the act.

“There are some features that are associated with someone that has been having sex for a long time, including black labia and black nipples which I did not find on this girl,” explained Dr Simbeye.

Based on the medical findings Banda’s defense was deemed an afterthought by the court to which he was found guilty of the offense.

Magistrate Musaka committed Banda to the Chipata High Court for sentencing.

By Jubiel Zulu

Kalemba February 12, 2024


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