Kariba Dam is thirsty, seeks five years of rain to refill – Kapala


ZAMBIA’s energy reserves are looking parched, with Kariba Dam resembling a thirsty giant.

Energy Minister Peter Kapala painted a bleak picture, stating it would take five years of good rainfall to refill the dam and power station to their maximum levels.

The recent dry spell has exacerbated the situation, and continued low rainfall could plunge the country into darkness.

To combat the looming power deficit, the government is exploring alternative energy sources.

Addressing journalists after a joint tour of the Kafue Gorge and Kariba North Power Station on Friday, Kapala said government was looking at all sources of energy mix to ensure that load shedding is reduced such as nuclear, waste and diesel energy.

“We need approximately 5 years of good rainfall to reach maximum and good level,” he remarked.

Kapala urged citizens to conserve electricity by switching off unused appliances.

Meanwhile Water Development and Sanitation Minister Mike Mposha echoed this call for prudence, urging farmers to adopt efficient irrigation methods and households to fix leaky faucets.

“There are farmers that are still flooding their farms. What this does is that you are taking away a lot of water from the rivers to flood the farms, that is misuse.”

“Because most of that water when it is hot, it eventually evaporate, you lose it. We need to begin using efficient methods of irrigation such as drip irrigation,” said Mposha.

With load shedding hours increased from eight to 12 hours, every drop of water saved contributes to a brighter future for Zambia’s power supply and health.

Kalemba May 28, 2024


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