Hichilema wants violent UPND cadres arrested


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has instructed the Zambia police to arrest the UPND cadres who caused chaos in Bauleni township.

The cadres in question harassed people and threw obscenities at them during a funeral and terrosised the Bauleni community.

President Hichilema said the cadres should not hide anywhere stating that once one breaks the law, they are on their own.

The Head of State stated that he is not a president of thugs therefore the perpetrators of violence should not be tolerated.

“You will not hide anywhere you break the law the police take you, I don’t want to be a President produced by thugs.”

“You can’t insult people in the name of HH. Don’t turn me into a thug, anyone in politics orchestrating violence you are on your own, if the police are failing I will use the army to restore law and order,” said Hichilema.

He advised UPND supporters to show love and respect to everyone in the country regardless of their political affiliation.

President Hichilema stated that a true supporter of his leadership can not go out and cause chaos anywhere noting that any UPND cadre who breaks the law is not his own.

“If you are a genuine supporter of HH then you can’t insult people [and] you can’t bring violence. All those who made chaos must be arrested,” said Hichilema.

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, June 6, 2024


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