Fashion scores big off the field with generous 1400 mealie meal donation


CHIPOLOPOLO star, currently dazzling on the pitch in Saudi Arabia, is proving to be a champion off the field as well.

The footballer recently delivered 1,400 bags of mealie meal to families in the Mbenjere area, significantly bolstering food security in the region grappling with drought.

This generous act follows a similar donation last month, where 500 bags of mealie meal were delivered to Kawele village, the player’s hometown in Eastern Province.

Taking to Facebook, the footballer expressed his heartfelt gratitude: “Gratitude floods my heart as I reflect on the immense blessing of being able to extend hope to more affected families. With God’s grace guiding me, I’ve been able to donate a total of 1,400 bags of mealie meal to Mbenjere and its surrounding villages and farms of Chief Mnukwa.”

His humility shone through as he added, “I am humbled by the opportunity to make a difference, knowing that God has entrusted me with the ability to bring relief to those in need. This journey of giving back reaffirms my faith and strengthens my commitment to God.”

The footballer’s act of compassion has undoubtedly brought a sense of relief to countless families struggling through the drought.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba March 9, 2024


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