Evarine Katongo bids farewell to ZISD FC


COPPER Queens player, Evarine Susan Katongo, known for her dynamic presence on the field has announced the end of her tenure with ZISD FC.

Drawing on the age-old adage, “Everything that goes up must come down,” Katongo reflected on her time with the club as a rollercoaster ride, replete with highs and lows.

Expressing gratitude, Katongo extended her thanks to the team management, coaches, and teammates who provided unwavering support throughout her stint at the club.

She acknowledged the relationships formed, emphasizing the lasting memories and friendships forged during her tenure.

As Katongo bids adieu, she conveyed her best wishes to the team for the ongoing season and beyond.

Amidst the closure of one chapter, she expressed excitement for the journey ahead, poised to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

“As one journey ends, another one begins. (I am) Excited to see what the future holds,” she wrote on her facebook page.

However, she did not disclose where she will be going after ZISD, leaving fans alike, guessing.

Kalemba January 8, 2024


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