PF acknowledges debt deal achievement


OPPOSITION, PF party in Nakonde district has commended President Hichilema for securing a debt restructuring agreement with Eurobond holders.

Government recently announced sealing a deal with the Eurobond holder to restructure over US$3 billion of Zambia’s debt, a development termed as a huge milestone to spearhead economic activities.

ZANIS reports that Nakonde’s PF youth treasurer, Brian Chisha, hailed the deal as a milestone for the country, acknowledging the PF’s unsuccessful efforts to reach a similar agreement while in government.

Chisha urged other opposition parties to act patriotically and support the achievement, believing it will attract investment and development.

UPND’s Nakonde chairperson, Fredrick Chimeya, welcomed the PF’s support and expressed hope that other opposition parties would follow suit.

Chimeya encouraged constructive criticism from the opposition to aid the government’s progress.

Zambia reached the debt restructuring agreement, exceeding US$3 billion, on March 25, 2024.

CAPTION: File photo for illustration

Kalemba April 3, 2024


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