Lungu’s outbursts disappoint Government


GOVERNMENT has reacted with condemnation to former president Edgar Lungu’s emotional outburst suggesting that Zambians may rise and remove President Hakainde Hichilema from power before 2026.

Yesterday, an angry and extremely agitated Lungu went and blasted the Zambia Police Police Service accusing them of treating him badly after he went to visit PF officials detained at Kabwata Police Station.

After a minor altercation with officers, Lungu suggested the conduct of the Zambia Police Service may cause citizens to rise and remove President Hichilema from power before 2026.

Lungu has been roundly condemned for the utterances with fellow opposition leader Wynter Kabimba branding the former head of State hypocritical.

Reacting to Lungu’s outburst, Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana expressed disappointment.

Kawana emphasized that it was extremely disheartening for a former president to speak negatively about a duly elected government.

“As Government, we are extremely disappointed with remarks made by the former President, Mr Edgar Lungu that Zambians may be forced to rise against a legally elected Government following the dispersing by Police of PF faction members who had gathered at Kabwata Police station where Raphael Nakacinda was detained,” Kawana stated.

Kawana advised Lungu who is currently the defacto leader of United Kwacha Alliance to be cautious of individuals advocating for lawlessness, reminiscent of those present at the police station during the recent events.

He urged Lungu to shift his role from that of a political opponent to that of a father, offering counseling on national issues.

“Mr. Lungu ought to be wary of people championing lawlessness, like those he was leading at the Police Station,” Kabwana remarked.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order, Kawana assured that the Zambia Police Service would remain vigilant in protecting the lives and property of the people.

“The Police Service will, therefore, always be on the ground to protect lives and property,” emphasised Kawana.

By Elesani Phiri

Kalemba February 28, 2024


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