Kayo ward by-election gets thumbs up from Hichilema for peace


THE recently concluded by-election in Kayo Ward, Mwansabombwe District, Luapula Province, is gaining attention for fostering a peaceful environment.

President Hakainde Hichilema himself commended the tranquility observed during the electoral process.

He celebrated the absence of once prevalent violence and tumultuous scenes during such events, marking a significant shift in the political landscape and highlighted the positive change in the political climate.

“We congratulate our party, the UPND, for the landslide victory… It is gratifying to us that a by-election in any part of our country these days can go unnoticed due to the peaceful environment now; no pangas, axes, guns, name it, that used to characterize these events.”

The United Party for National Development (UPND) secured a landslide victory in the Kayo Ward by-election, a testament to the party’s strength and the electorate’s trust in its vision for the community.

Christopher Alwisho of UPND was declared winner of the Kayo Ward by-election after polling 1050 votes while his closest opponent, Armon Kaunda of Socialist Party managed 476.

The peaceful atmosphere from the vacancy of the seat to the announcement of results was commended by the Head of State as he recognized the collective efforts of political parties in maintaining a tranquil environment.

He expressed gratitude to its campaign teams and extended heartfelt thanks to the residents of Mwansabombwe for their unwavering support.

President Hichilema reassured the people, stating, “Abena Mwansabombwe, mwabomba. We shall not let you down,” emphasizing the party’s dedication to delivering on its promises.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 17, 2024


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