Veep sees economy turning around before year ends


VICE President Mutale Nalumango says the Zambian economy was in intensive care unity before they the UPND government took office but believes it will turnaround before the year ends.

She said this yesterday during the official opening of the new UPND headquarters named after party founder Anderson Kambela Mazoka, yesterday.

“The economy you are crying about today who are you blaming?…,” She question the opposition PF.

“We came into power when the Zambian economy was in ICU (intensive care Unit), completely hopeless and people had started mourning. Yes you can talk about the Kwacha…the Kwacha was already at K24 (to US$1) when we came.”

Nalumango queried those that were mocking president Hakainde Hichilema’s promises of the Kwacha appreciating.

“..didn’t you see the appreciation? where would it (the Kwacha) be if it didn’t appreciate)? With the global challenges where would it be ? We would (have been) buried, dead and gone economically”

“But this man (President Hichilema) has kept us alive) and we are going to get out strong. Just wait,” added Nalumango.

The vice president said she was a proud UPND Zambian because a visionary leader who managed to make promises under very difficult circumstances because he could to see that it would happen.

“Please ba UPND remind yourself of the good things we have done through this man that we must support,” added Nalumango.

She urged UPND supporter to change the narrative that the government was not working, but that they should respond with the accomplishment achieved this far, such as increment in Constitution Development Fund, Free education among others.

“Jobs are being created that was our number manifesto and you can’t see the jobs? You are only seeing nurses and teachers, yes, even those are jobs,”

She said President Hakainde Hichilema had a clear vision of where he wants to take the country therefore, ” those that want to disrupt his vision should stop now”

Meanwhile, Nalumango said there was no coming back for the PF as there boat had already sunk.

She welcomed the new party members who joined the UPND.

Former Zambian High Commissioner to Australia Frank Bwalya including former diplomat Cosmas Chileshe and 2021 PF Munali parliamentary candidate Patrick Samwimbila joined the UPND yesterday.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 16, 2024


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