Hichilema is running a humane government – Mayangwa

FILE PICTURE: HH with Kambwili

A YOUTHFUL political observer has praised government for maintaining its decision to evacuate hate speech convict Chishimba Kambwili for specialist treatment in South Africa despite having to run away from the country just last weekend.

Kambwili ran to Zimbabwe but was cornered by authorities of that country who bundled him on vehicle and drove him back to Chirundu border where he was handed over to immigration officers.

He is currently admitted to Maina Soko Military Hospital and ZNBC has reported that government will still evacuate him to South Africa for specialist treatment.

On November 30, Kambwili was convicted of Hate Speech and handed a five-month jail term on account of his anti-Tonga rants he was spewing during the 2021 election campaigns believing that it would increase former president Edgar Lungu’s chances of retaining the presidency.

Following his conviction, the former PF information minister appealed his sentence and was subsequently released on bail after which he vanished from the public claiming he was sick.

He pleaded for President Hakainde Hichilema to allow him to be evacuated but upon the release of his passport, Kambwili fled.

Commenting on government’s decision to evacuate Kambwili, Dillon Mayangwa said President Hichilema was running a humane government.

“Ordinarily, Kambwili should have been chained to a bed in the hospital on account of his offences but because President Hichilema is presiding over a humane government, the man will still be evacuated,” Mayangwa said.

“The President recognises that at the end of the day we are all Zambians and human life is important that is why he is prepared to even allow a person that would insult and accuse him of sorts of malicious things to seek treatment outside the country,” he added.

Mayangwa said the opposition should emulate government’s approach towards politics and stop being confrontational and offensive.

He also urged Kambwili to learn from his ordeal and change his ways.

Mayangwa further wished Kambwili a quick recovery so that he could come back face the law and save his jail sentence.

Kalemba February 10, 2024


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