Mayembe cheers as Govt vows to quench thirst with clean water


WATER Development and Sanitation minister, Mike Mposha assured Mayembe residents that help is on the way to end their water struggles.

No more long journeys for water, he declared, as the government plans to drill boreholes in every nook and cranny of Mayembe.

Mposha spoke of the challenges faced by local women and girls carrying water on their heads for long distances.

He rallied residents to point out areas without water, pledging a joint effort to fix the issue and resolve the water contamination issue caused by mining activities in the area.

Mposha tapped Elias Mubanga, the Small and Medium Enterprise minister vying for the Shiwang’andu Parliamentary seat to lead the charge in identifying water-starved spots.

Meanwhile, the upcoming January 23 election buzzed with excitement as the minister threw his weight behind Kennedy Mwango, urging voters to choose a representative who puts development first.

Kalemba January 23, 2024


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