PF resolves to expell Nkandu Luo


THE Patriotic Front has expelled Nkandu Luo and Sturdy Mwale from the party during their last Central Committee meeting due to alleged misconduct.

The decision was made after the two ignored written notices to explain their actions for attending a meeting not sanctioned by party leadership.

Chaired by party president Miles Sampa on Saturday, the meeting emphasized a commitment to non-violence and civil language within the party.

Sampa called for members’ hard work and sacrifice, condemning all forms of violence.

“Sampa appealed to members to work hard and sacrifice for the party as politics is service to the people. (He) strongly condemned violence in all forms regardless of who in involved,” Hazel Kapeta, Information and Media chairperson stated.

Other key points highlighted by Sampa included the encouragement of progress in the party’s rebranding efforts.

Sampa also made appointments to key positions, confirming provincial chairpersons, and the appointment of campaign managers for upcoming ward by-elections.

The central committee reiterated the expulsion of nine members of parliament due to ongoing legal matters.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 15, 2024


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