NDC urges focus on government projects over unreasonable politicking


THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) national spokesperson Emmanuel Malite is calling for a shift in 2024 towards meaningful engagement in government projects rather than excessive politicking.

In a press statement, Malite called for serious engagement to maximize the benefits of the country’s received investments.

Malite issued a plea to the youth, cautioning against being used to distract government projects and spreading unwarranted complaints about the current administration.

“Reconsider your stance, as distractions could lead to missed opportunities readily accessible to you,” Malite advised youths.

“We voted for change, not just in political culture but also in our approach to work.”

He drew attention to significant investments in the Ministry of Mines, particularly the restoration of 28 shafts in Luashya, KCM, and Mopani.

Malite underscored these opportunities as transformative for individuals, emphasizing the potential for life-changing advancements.

He emphasized that politics should primarily occur during campaigns, as stipulated by the constitution, allowing for constructive criticism and a more engaged citizenry in the governance process.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 4, 2023


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