Let it sink in Emmanuel Mwamba that he is expelled from PF – Miti


PATRIOTIC Front media director Yosi Miti says it should sink in Emmanuel Mwamba that he remains expelled from the former ruling party.

Miti says whatever Mwamba says is in his personal capacity and not representative of the PF.

“The continued defiance of the law by ECL group led by Mr Emmanuel Mwamba imposing himself as information and publicity Chairperson of PF is the source of great concern in a country we always preach about submission to the rule of law,” Miti said in a brief statement.

“Please let it sink in every Zambian minds that Emmanuel Mwamba is no longer a member of PF he was expelled from the party and has not challenged his expulsion in the courts of law , so he remains expelled member,” added Miti.

Kalemba January 3, 2024


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