People losing properties everyday without due process of law, claims Mundubile


MPOROKOSO PF member of parliament, Brian Mundubile says Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu should take time to direct and instruct police officers to conduct themselves within the confines of the law.

Mundubile was speaking yesterday when he, in the company of other PF members of parliament, visited Lumezi independent member of parliament Munir Zulu at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility (Chimbokaila) to offer him a container of water.

A cut in power supply on Sunday, that spilt into yesterday, in Kamwala, Kabwata and surrounding areas, prompted water cuts in the said areas.

Lusaka Magistrates’ Court and Chimbokaila are situated in the same areas and the situation led to adjournment, to today, of court sessions at the magistrates’ court.

Therefore, Zulu, like other suspects, could not appear in court.

After the visit, Mundubile and his entourage spent some good 12 minutes off their schedule to speak in a Facebook live video, where they grieved about this and that.

Mundubile, who is leader of the opposition in Parliament, talked about the many things that PF has noticed, regarding the current government’s continuous ‘abductions’ or the manner of arresting suspects.

“Opposition political parties are not supposed to be looked as enemies; we occupy a special place in a democratic dispensation. So like right now, there are a number of things that we have noticed that need to be worked on. For instance, we will continuously talk about abductions or the manner of arrests and the rights of suspects,” Mundubile said.

He said despite everything, Zulu is very safe and comfortable in custody and that he is currently in high spirit.

“But we will continue to talk about human rights violations. We want to call upon the police command; there is [an] acting home affairs minister yesterday who was commending police officers that they are doing a great job. I want to say that that’s a lost opportunity; the minister should have taken time to instruct and direct police officers that they must act within the confines of the law,” said Mundubile.

“…People are losing properties everyday without the due process of the law.” So you cannot say that officers are discharging functions with diligence. So as the PF, we will stand with the Zambian people to ensure there’s fair treatment of suspects and every citizen.”

He added that if the UPND government’s intentions of curbing corruption are true, they must do it within the confines of the law and begin investigating current government officials.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba July 11, 2023



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