Political environment hostile – Kalaba 


HARRY Kalaba says the political atmosphere in the country is hostile.

On Hot FM radio’s Hot Seat programme yesterday, Kalaba, who is opposition Citizens First (CF) president, said the democratic space in Zambia is slowly shrinking, due to multiple arrest of opposition leaders by the government.

He noted that last Sunday’s media briefing by opposition leaders was held in a quest to condemn frequent arrests of government critics.

“It is saddening that everyday, opposition leaders are being arrested. We have all seen that the democracy levels in the country are shrinking. And if all opposition leaders are voicing out the same thing, it is only right that government begins to look at it” Kalaba said.

“They should not look at it from a political point of view. We have only one country called Zambia, and when such injustice practices begin to happen in the country, it does not please some of us and it is only right that our colleagues in government immediately begin doing some introspection, where they can.”

He claimed that the current number of arrests of opposition politicians in Zambia has broken the record since Zambia’s independence.

“I live with fear! Yes, they are several variables in my grasp, but the atmosphere in this country is hostile; leaders are being arrested on a daily basis. I think in the history of the country, it is the first we are having leaders arrested on a daily basis,” said Kalaba.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba June 23, 2023


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