Sean Tembo defends Machende duo


A MAN and woman of Kanchibiya district in Muchinga Province who have been jailed five years each for illegally consuming bushmeat have won the sympathy of zero specialist, Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo.

Kalemba has today published a story where an illegal bushmeat trader and his customer have been slapped with a five year jail sentence each, by the Mpika Magistrates’ Court.

48 year old Amos Mubanga and Jennifer Kalulu, 40, both of Machende village in Kanchibiya district, have been imprisoned for illegal possesion of Sitatunga meat, which is sometimes called the Marshbuck.

But Tembo has commented on Kalemba platform, wondering: “what is wrong with our people enjoying some of their wildlife?”

“If you really have to punish them, just 1 year simple imprisonment is adequate, not 5 years,” wrote Tembo.

“The 5 year prison sentence is too harsh to the duo, for merely eating some bush meat when foreigners are allowed to come here and kill our animals for sport.”

Kalemba April 14, 2023



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