Mayangwa counsels Kalaba

LUSAKA youth Dillon Mayangwa has told Harry Kalaba to stop blaming others on his failed leadership.
Mayangwa said Kalaba should introspect on his DP presidency and see what led to his failure before he starts another failed political project.
A fortnight ago, Kalaba stepped down after fights with his vice Judith Kabemba, and another DP official Justin Nkonge, saying the two are being sponsored by President Hakainde Hichilema.
And Kalaba accused President Hichilema of being a dictator.
But reacting to Kalaba’s remarks, Mayangwa said the former DP president should not hide his weaknesses on others.
He told Kalaba that leadership was about co-existing with others and not the self+centred approach that he had grown up with.
“Leadership is like fatherhood or rather parenting; the ability by a man to work hard and provide for his family and wife or wives equals the amount of respect and love he receives from his family,” Mayangwa said.
“But in Kalaba’s case, it’s clear the man failed the very basic of leadership. No wonder he was barnished shamelessly from his marriage with DP, a political party that has a lady vice president.”
He said Instead of calling President Hichilema a dictator or: “whatever unpleasanties to comfort his soul and hide his weakness, Kalaba needs to seriously learn from other politicans who have been through thick and thin.”
“He should look at the politicains who have not recorded any breakaways, no petitions,” he said.
He added that President Hichilema had demostrated exemplary leadership both in opposition and in the government by allowing everyone to express themselves freely.
“If you want to be a leader, be in the lead – be HH not Kalaba. The rantings against HH won’t make you a solid opposition leader; be the provider for your party, be the main campaign manager with a message of hope, be the brand… otherwise you will end up a Kalaba banished from your own party by your own people for failure to provide leadership,” said Mayangwa.
“It’s very embarrassing for Kalaba! Let’s all stand up and help the man back to his feet even as a member of parliament.”


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