Hamukale emerges from hiding, joins UPND

FORMER Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale has emerged from hiding to join the UPND, a party he vowed would never form government.
Prior to the August 12 elections, Hamukale said the UPND would lose the poll terribly but should it turn out that the party won, then he was ready to have his front teeth knocked out with punches.
At the poll, Hamukale lost as PF candidate for Mazabuka Central while his presidential candidate Edgar Lungu suffered a massive historic defeat at the hands of the UPND forcing him to go in hibernation.
Ten months after the loss, Hamukale has resurfaced with a perfect dental formula announcing that he would now chant the forward symbol.
In a statement to Chikuni Radio News, Hamukale claimed he joined the UPND after pressure and encouragement from various quarters.
Hamukale said he was joining the UPND as an ordinary member pointing out that Zambia was on an ambitious path to development and he believed that the trajectory that the UPND had embarked on was “encouraging and so far quite satisfying”


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