Chitotela dribbles ACC

THE Anti-Corruption Commission says it was duped into signing an out of court agreement with Pambashe Constituency PF member of parliament Ronald Chitotela over a house in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill.
According to the anti graft body, Chitotela a former tourism minister in the fallen PF regime agreed to not only surrender a house he had dubiously acquired in Ibex Hill but to also give a detailed step-by-step disclosure of the illegalities he had engaged in to acquire the mansion.
Drooling at the prospect of having a full disclosure from an insider of how PF bigwigs competed in corruption, the ACC signed the deal that would give them a clear picture of the extent of graft in the Edgar Lungu regime
However, much to the shock of the ACC, Chitotela only surrended the house but remained tight-lipped on the under-hand dealings he involved in acquiring it.
The ACC has has now sued Chitotela in the Lusaka High Court seeking an order that the settlement agreement entered with be set aside.


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