I am ready to answer any queries – Lungu

FORMER President Edgar Chagwa Lungu says he is not hiding behind his immunity and he is ready to answer to any queries.
Speaking to a group of journalists during a solidarity visit by PF members and sympathisers at his house in Lusaka, Lungu disclosed that he is willing to give answers even today.
“I will be able to answer to whatever charges even if the say I am hiding under the immunity, I am not hiding under the immunity,” Lungu said.
Lungu declared that the “persecution” that his family is currently passing through was aimed at killing his political life and the PF.
“You don’t have to be very intelligent to know that after her [Esther Lungu] it’s me. So this is a sequence, it’s like peeling the onion so am ready,” Lungu said.
Lungu said he may not be in leadership but he is still active in politics can give his opinion and still influence certain things and “they are worried about it.”
“They want me out of it [Politics] completely but you can kill the body and you cant kill the soul and you can’t kill the ideas.”Lungu said.
The former head of state stated that there are people who still believe in the PF and that is going to reign supreme.
Lungu further added that he disregarded people’s advice to hold onto power but handed it over without resistance so that Zambians could see and compare.
“We now stand head and shoulder with them. People are now able to compare between oranges and oranges. You can tell which one is awesome and which one is rotten,” Lungu noted.
Meanwhile, Lungu said the essence of life is to struggle henceforth, even in opposition they will struggle to make sure that their rights are enjoyed to the fullest extent.
“And may we check those who are liers in our midst. I know that some people lied into power. I am talking about United Kingdom,” said Lungu.
By Moses Makwaya


  1. No one is being persecuted. When you are asked to prove the source of your wealth, how does that become persecution? If seven days ago all you can afford is a plot in Chawama, how can you suddenly afford 15 flats in affluent area? Just answer that question, don’t hide in persecution.

  2. You see your life? You should have learned a lesson after you stole from the widow and kept your lane.
    But No, I want to be president. It is not persecution, it is prosecution starting with investigations.


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