SMEs key in revamping Zambia’s economy – HH

PRESIDENT Hakaind Hichilema has reiterated that Small Medium Enterprise (SME) are the blocks that will revamp the Zambian Economy.
The Head of State has also appealed to the European Union to establish financial assistance packages to facilitate research development, technology and skills enhancement that will create new and sustainable SMEs.
Addressing the European Union Parliament in Brussels yesterday, the President Hichilema noted Zambia had capacity to produce high quality goods for the EU and regional global markets.
“We therefore seek for favourable trade and investments relationships with yourselves and Europe for mutual benefits,” he said.
President Hichilema urged the EU to improve access to credit for SMEs as it would lead to increase in industrialisation, manufacturing, trade and sustainable energies for SMEs.
“This is the surest and sustainable way of creating meaningful employment and of course diversifying our economy,” President Hichilema added.
Meanwhile the President was encouraged by the first ever EU economic forum recently held in Lusaka under the theme “eceinomic transformation through green growth”.
He hoped the event be hosted annually as it brought together entreprenures, corporate institutions financial institution and Europe in line with Governments recognition for the private sector as the key driver of revamping Zambia’s economy.
President Hichilema further elaborated to the EU of Zambia’s potential to become a solution to food instability in the region.
He committed to working with the EU and other partners in realising this potential.
President Hichilema explained that in as much he wanted to see Agriculture grow, his government would make sure it is done sustainably by making strides in the development of renewable energy.
By Moses Makwaya


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