Kalandanya PF choir abandon Lungu, shifts praise to Bally

FOLLOWING Edgar Lungu’s relegation from president to backyard vegetable gardener, his famed Kalandanya PF choir, boasting of musical giants like JK, Dandy Krazy, Chester and Kayombo, has re-arranged its praise lyrics to eulogise President Hakainde Hichilema, a man who was subject of its mockery only 10 months ago.
During the last campaign period, the group’s songs, which declared Lungu a humble and prayerful God-chosen leader for Zambia while denouncing Hichilema as treacherous and a perpetual election loser who would never set foot in State House, reverberated at PF rallies and functions.
Amongst their hits were Dununa Reverse, Commando and Alebwelelapo.
The Dununa Reverse ensemble is said to have massively benefitted from Lungu’s kasaka kandalama in the run-up to the 2021 general elections, although its musical efforts did very little to save him from a disgracing and historic defeat.
Now that the loot in Lungu’s kasaka kandalama has been replaced by green leafy vegetables from his rented backyard, his praise singers are wiggling their tongues in praise of the wealthy cattle owner, who has come to be fondly known as Bally.
In the latest song that also features Wille and and K’millian, the artistes are parroting that President Hichilema is a good driver who has ended cadreism, nepotism and is ferrociously fighting corruption.
The song is a decent effort and maybe worthy dancing to, although original praise singers do not seem to welcome it – still remembering the musical diatribe against President Hichilema by the same latest praise-singers.
On the other hand, PF cry-babies on social media do not know what to do with JK and friends for betraying them, before their political tears can start to dry.


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