I’m not a social media guy, I don’t do what others do – Jemax


DESPITE social media being a new drive currently pushing artistes’ music out there, rap star James Kavimba better known as Jemax has revealed that he doesn’t take interest in the socials.

In a recent appearance on That Zed Podcast, Jemax disclosed that he only has one personal social media account and that happens to be his tik tok.

He said his team have been handling his Facebook and Instagram accounts which he personally does not own.

“I don’t have Facebook. My team handles my Facebook, Instagram, I’m only on tik tok,” stated the artiste.

When asked as to why he isn’t on either of the two platforms, the rapper responded that he has just failed to conform to the digital era.

“I don’t know, I have just failed to adapt, I have tried to be on Facebook, I just don’t have the interest to do what everyone does. Maybe Nshakwata content (I just don’t have content),” said Jemax.

He shared that sometimes he gets remarks like “hey I like what you posted” and he would be like “oh okay let me check” compelling enough to let you know he wasn’t aware.

Just a few months ago, Jemax surprised his fans with wedding pictures only which surely suggested he wasn’t into the social media frenzy.

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, June 11, 2024


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