CDF at work as Luwingu Town Council procures X-ray machine for Luwingu hospital


LUWINGU residents will no longer have to walk long distances for essential X-ray services as Luwingu District Hospital through the council has acquired a state of the art digital X-ray machine through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

For years, residents had to travel to Kasama General Hospital or Chilubula Mission to obtain X-ray services.

Therefore, the Luwingu Town Council’s successful procurement of the X-ray machine underscores the effective utilisation of the CDF highlighting the tangible benefits that can be achieved when resources are directed towards addressing critical local needs.

This crucial acquisition, made possible through the Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDFC) at a cost of K1.2 million marks a significant milestone in improving healthcare access for the district.

According to the 2022 census, the district services approximately 101,142 residents.

Luwingu district public relations officer Tasila Banda revealed that the new machine is set to be commissioned next week bringing a wave of relief to the community.

“After operating without an X-Ray Machine for more than four years , the Luwingu Town Council through the Constituency Development Fund Committee ( CDFC) has finally procured a Digital X-Ray Machine for Luwingu District Hospital at a total cost of 1.2 million kwacha to help cushion the challenges that the Health facility has been facing in providing X-ray services to the residents of Luwingu District,” said Banda.

This development will significantly improve patient care and reduce the physical and financial strain on the locals.

The digital X-ray machine will also enhance the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities, allowing for quicker and more accurate medical assessments.

The new X-ray machine not only represents a technological advancement for the Luwingu District Hospital but also brings hope and renewed confidence in the local healthcare system.

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, June 5, 2024


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