Lufwanyama woman burns grandmother to death


A 77-year-old woman in Lufwanyama, has lost her life after she was allegedly burned to death in her sleep on Sunday by her 35-year-old granddaughter.

The granddaughter, identified as Belifa Kondowe, is accused of setting the victim’s house on fire after an argument.

According to reports, Kondowe never wanted her at the village.

On Sunday evening, around 19:00 hours, Kondowe returned home from a heavy drinking spree and found her old grandmother sleeping in her house which was 20 meters away from hers.

No sooner had Kondowe arrived, she began spewing choruses of Copperbelt insults powered by the dry Chibuku that gave her some dutch courage.

She threatened to remove all her family members from the village land claiming she owned it.

Her Sunday lamentation came with actions as she arranged dry grass, which were about four meters away from the old woman’s house, then lit a dry wood which she used to torch the deceased’s house.

Knowing her mission was done, she went back to sit comfortably in her house where she sat and watched the burning house with an unconcerned mind.

It took her mother, Joyce Lumbwe, 55 who stayed 45 meters away from the victim’s house who noticed that her old mother’s house was on fire and rushed to help.

She called several neighbours to help them but the fire was too much for them to quench as it became too big and uncontrollable.

After the ordeal, Kondowe was asked why she did not come out to help, she claimed of that’s to her knowledge, there wanlsnt anyone at the house as she thought everyone shifted.

The angry community members then apprehended her and took her to Kambilombilo Local court for safe custody until the Police arrived while her mother, went and reported the matter to police.

Copperbelt Province, outgoing police commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba confirmed the incident stating a docket had been open.

Authorities also issued ‘Brought In Dead’ forms for the deceased.

Mweemba said when police officers visited the scene the deceased was found still in the house which was still burning.

The debris was cleared and it was observed that she died while sleeping on her steel bed.

“On searching the house, the piece of wood used to burn the house down by the suspect was found behind the deceased’s house,” he said.

“The body was later deposited in Kitwe Central Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem. While police are still investigating the matter.”

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba June 4, 2024


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