Chef 187 drops singles, praises upcoming rappers and loyal fans


ZAMBIAN rap star Chef 187 is breaking away from the album format this year, opting to release a string of singles instead.

Announcing the news when he appeared on Power TV, Chef 187 (Kondwani Kaira) assured fans that this signals a new era of music, not a hiatus.

“This year I’m playing the singles game,” he declared. “I want to drop single after single.”

He kicked things off with two contrasting singles, “Spyling 2” and “360.”

360, a song which has been circulating, especially for its catchy phrase, “giving ama boss lady vibes” is his official single which Chef believes will be here for a long time.

The Numeral Uno as he is fondly called by his fans shared that despite not dropping any of his music for that last year since his last album Broke Nolunkumbwa, he understands his fans’ needs hence dropping two singles encompassing the best of two worlds respectively.

“… I decided to make the best of two worlds aba ma bars nabapangila naba ma dance dance nabapangila (for the hip hop lovers and dance enthusiasts),” he added.

While Chef 187 is a heavyweight in the industry, he remains impressed by Zambia’s upcoming talent.

“I believe in a lot of artistes that are coming up in the hip hop genre,” he said. “I think the future is bright because I see a lot of me in these young people.”

Chef 187 also took a moment to appreciate his fans who fiercely defend him online.

“My fans are very smart, they fight my battles,” he said with pride.

“There are times when someone does you ka subliminal and the fans respond, so bachikata (they are the best).”

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, June 1, 2024


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