From today onwards, I will be tougher on anyone who divides Zambians – Hichilema


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has vowed to deal with anyone trying to divide the nation by engaging in tribal talks.

Speaking in Luanshya today as he arrived for his two-day working visit to the Copperbelt, President Hichilema stated that he has been patient for close to three years that he has served hoping for a change in behaviour from those making divisive statements.

“I have been very patient, from today onwards, anyone who divides Zambians, I will tougher, the law will visit them,” warned Hichilema.

“In two years, eight months, I was saying let me see how these people behave. They don’t stop behaving badly. From today, you start fighting Zambians, you want the country to be destroyed, you are gone.”

The Head of State reiterated that any true leader of the country must focus on uniting the country instead of dividing it.

He expressed disappointment with opposition members of parliament who have been uttering tribal remarks.

“You MPs, you are a MP representing 20 million Zambians [and] you start separating Zambians. Are you a leader or what?” he wondered.

“If you are a true leader, you want this airport to be on fire, what will you do to the workers here, you want these workers to lose jobs?”

The President urged politicians to focus on uniting the country by pushing the agenda of developmental projects.

“Let us unite, let us not talk tribe. Stop dividing people. There are inter-marriages in this country, so why are you dividing the country? The father is Tonga, the mother is Bemba, there are such people,” he remarked.

“Let us focus on Education for young people, let’s focus on feeding people who are hungry because of the drought.”

Furthermore, President Hichilema assured Copperbelt residents that efforts are underway to revitalise Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), promising improvements within a few months despite existing challenges.

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, May 28, 2024


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