Uranium mining illegal, RPA warns of scams and safety risks


THE Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) has definitively debunked rumors of uranium mining being legal in Zambia.

This announcement comes amid rising public interest in the mineral and concerns about scams targeting unsuspecting citizens.

RPA public relations manager, Loveness Kaonga emphasized that no licenses have been issued for uranium mining in Zambia.

“There is a lot of scamming in the country around uranium right now,” she warned. “People are being tricked into buying mere powder, rocks, or even tiles thinking they are uranium.”

RPA’s reluctance to authorise uranium mining stems from potential security risks.

“Uranium is a highly regulated material,” explained Kaonga.

“It can be used to create nuclear explosions, posing a grave danger to life and the environment.”

She added that the RPA prioritises the responsible use of radioactive materials.

“We believe radioactive materials must only be used for peaceful purposes,” Kaonga clarified.

The RPA urged the media to play a vital role in educating the public and identifying scams.

“If you hear someone selling uranium,” Kaonga advised, “ask them if they have a licence. If not, it’s a red flag.”

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By Elesani Phiri

Kalemba May 23, 2024


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