Police make arrest in Choma daughter-in-law beaten to death case

Prisoner in prison with handcuff

POLICE in Southern Province have arrested one person from the Choma family that beat up their daughter-in-law, leading to her death on Saturday.

This happened after they suspected her of having a hand in the death of their son who died on the same day.

31-year-old Esnart Daka of Zambia compound was exempted from mourning her husband who died on Saturday morning following a short illness, the previous night before his demise.

But after informing her husband’s family on his tragic demise, the in-laws instead accused her of sending her husband ‘kuchalo chamalubaluba’ and subjected her to beatings.

Following the injuries Daka sustained from the beating, she was rushed to Shampande Clinic by her mother and later declared as a brought in dead (BID).

With the matter being reported to Police by Daka’s Uncle, police immediately instituted investigations to clamp down the violent family.

After Graphel Musamba’s Southern men paid a courtesy call to the violent mourning family, everyone pointed their fingers on the deceased’s niece, Rozah Kabonge, a 32-year-old businesswoman residing in Zambia Compound.

However, upon questioning, Kabonge claimed she only gave the deceased a warning slap.

Reports indicate that at the time of the incident, Daka was in a seating position, and the force of the slap caused her head to hit against the wall, leading to head injuries, as the postmortem indicated.

“A warn and cautioun statement has since been administered to the suspect who was later detained in custody. The docket of case is currently being processed and will soon be submitted NPA,” said Southern Province police commanding officer, Auxensio Daka who confirmed the incident.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba May 22, 2024


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