Cop with appetite for children will account for his actions in court – Police


THE Zambia Police Service says one of their officers accused of defiling a 12-year old girl on Saturday will have to account for his actions in a court of law.

Inspector Samuel Chilembo, a police officer and pharmacist working at the State House Clinic was on Saturday evening caught red-handed defiling a 12-year old girl in a car parked outside his house in Lusaka’s Sikanze Police Camp.

Caught by a mob, Inspector Chilembo was marched to Kabwata Police Station where he was arrested and charged with defilement.

This afternoon, the Zambia Police Service transfered Chilembo from State House Division to Southern Province.

The news of Chilembo’s transfer sparked debate as some people concluded that the transfer was meant to protect him from the alleged crime.

But in clarifying the matter, Zambia Police Service deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said Chilembo would still have to dance to the music of the court process.

Mwale explained that Chilembo whose physical appearance suggests that he is a religious user of Aunty’s Milly’s skin products was still in Police custody with a charge with defilement.

“He (Chilembo) has just been officially moved from his working station and that won’t change anything. He still has to appear in court and be accountable for his actions,” explained Mwale.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba May 16, 2024


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