Lungu must say something about mischief of people in his circle – Mayangwa


A POLITICAL activist has expressed shock that former president Edgar Lungu wants to speak about everything else except the mischief of people within his circle.

Dillon Mayangwa is concerned that Lungu has conveniently remained mute in the face of landmark court rulings against people associated with him in the last few days.

Last week, Milingo Lungu who had been hand-picked by the PF regime as Konkola Copper Mines provisional liquidator entered a consent judgement to forfeit $24 million because it was tainted and property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

On Monday, the Lusaka High Court ordered the PF to pay Kalandanya Music Promotions K13.5 million as fees for the 70 campaign songs the lebel had produced to campaign for Lungu ahead of the 2021 elections. The former ruling party had refused to pay.

And on Tuesday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Court ordered that Lungu’s daughter Chiyeso forfeits her dubiously-acquired property worth K9.3 million.

“A serious leader that hates corruption and genuinely values accountability would definitely address these issues because he owes the nation as explanation. President Lungu can’t just go on pushing the UKA agenda and wanting to return to power as if everything is normal,” Mayangwa pointed out.

He said as a person that was once in charge of national resources, it was only morally right that Lungu provides an explanation why many people around him accumulated obscene amounts of questionable wealth.

“The fact that he (Lungu) chose to ignore all of these developments only goes to show that his attempts to return to power are a purely a personal agenda to protect himself and those around him. Otherwise how do you explain his silence,” Mayangwa said.

“Even when the person he publicly acknowledged as his barber, Shebby Chilekwa was convicted of murder, I expected that President Lungu would say something either to console the family of the murdered person or provide an explanation how his barber had found time to go and shoot someone during a by-election campaigns but alas, up to now the man is quite about it,” Mayangwa observed.

He urged Lungu to be objective and introspect about his checks and balances.

Mayangwa said the former president was exhibiting double standards and bitterness in his approach to politics.

Kalemba April 18, 2024


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