Gambling adverts should not be allowed, Pompi continues to sound alarm


GOSPEL hip hop artiste Chakachadza Nyathando, alias Pompi continues to “speak what he wants to see” as he sings “osati silence” on gambling.

Pompi stirred up controversy after refusing to stay silent on gambling, as he called for regulation on what he terms “a vice” in Zambia, prompting both criticism and praise.

In an interview with Kalemba, Pompi clarified that he is not advocating for a ban on gambling but rather for strict regulation to address its negative impact, particularly on vulnerable groups like children and those struggling with addiction.

“There needs to be a regulation. By no means can it be okay that now even children are engaging in gambling,” Pompi lamented.

“Adverts online should not be allowed. The same way you can’t advertise cigarettes is the same way we shouldn’t advertise gambling.”

He added that there is need for Government to regulate advertising on gambling.

“Children are engaging in gambling because gambling companies are sponsoring influencers, these are people who influence the entire youth of Zambia,” he stated.

“We can’t be treating some vices in one way and another one another way. If it is a vice it should be treated as such.”

Pompi also revealed that he was tempted by gambling companies to become an ambassador, but his conscience would not allow him to accept.

“Gambling companies tried offering me money, but the damage is too great, and my conscience won’t allow it,” Pompi revealed.

Pompi’s advocacy for gambling regulation has reignited the debate on the role of influencers in addressing social issues, with the artiste urging others to speak out against harmful practices like gambling.

While acknowledging that some may benefit from gambling, Pompi stressed the need to consider the broader impact on society, including the prevalence of addiction and financial hardship faced by many.

“We can’t ignore the dangers of gambling, especially when it leads to devastating consequences like suicide and financial ruin,” Pompi cautioned.

Despite facing backlash and accusations of elitism, Pompi stood firm in his stance, emphasising that gambling affects both the rich and the poor and contributes to social and economic problems.

“My submission is based on policy and logic, not religion,” Pompi stated, dispelling claims that his stance is rooted in religious bias.

Pompi’s campaign against unregulated gambling has garnered support from others, and he is hopeful that it will lead to positive changes.

He encouraged people to learn more about the dangers of gambling addiction.

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, April 18, 2024


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