Charlene, we love you even in death – Church 


THE Church of late Charlene Mumba, New Birth International kingdom say they love her even in death.

Speaking during the funeral service mother of two who died in a road accident last Saturday, Church overseer Enoch Kalunga said social media would not cause her family in faith to forget her goodness.

“Charlene was not alone in that road accident, but all the prayers in Zambia have centered at UTH, forgetting that there’s a family that is mourning here, a mother who has lost a child, a woman who has left children. People are castigating the mourning family instead, social media will not make us forget our daughter, Charlene we love you even in death,” Kalunga told the sombre gathering.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba April 18, 2024


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