Chiyeso Lungu’s forfeited properties will become rehab centre


Chiyeso Lungu’s forfeited properties will become rehab centre

THE National Prosecution Authority (NPA) plans to utilise the forfeited properties of Edgar Lungu’s daughter Chiyeso, as rehabilitation centers for drug abusers and gender based violence survivors.

NPA deputy chief state advocate, Margaret Chitundu made this announcement following an order by the Economic and Financial Crimes Court that the two farms with a high-cost house, four chicken runs and three flats worth K9.3 million be forfeited to the State.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Court held that Chiyeso failed to prove that the properties were paid for by her parents after she failed to provide documentary evidence when the Director of Public Prosecutions established a prima facie case and shifted the evidential burden on her.

The NPA and the DEC had a site visit of the properties in State lodge area, on Chagwa Drive, this morning.

Speaking on behalf of the DEC Director General Nason Banda and NPA Director Of Public Prosecution, Gilbert Phiri, NPA Public Relations Officer, Chali Hambayi said the illicitly acquired assets will be confiscated in efforts to dismantle criminal networks and ensure justice is served.

She reaffirmed the commitment by NPA and DEC to curb financial crimes and ensure wrong doers do not benefit from their illegal actions.

Hambayi called for a concerted effort from the public in the fight against corruption, money laundering among other financial crimes.

And Chitundu who is a deputy chief State advocate, said the state is planning on using most of the criminally acquired properties for positive purposes such as building rehabilitation centers for people who have survived GBV and drug abuse.

She said the properties may be used as safe homes for orphans and street kids.

“Ideally, we have a committee of surveys which determines what should happen to forfeited properties. According to the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crimes Act, when we forfeit property, it should be used to ensure that dispensation of justice is done,” Chitundu said.

“You know we have a crisis of junkies we call them street kids, we want to build rehabilitation centers, we want to build homes for victims, GBV crime women. So that it is one of those things that this place could be used for.”

Chitundu further added that the aim of the state is to ensure that it gives back to the people what was stolen from them.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba April 17, 2024


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