KK was eager to turn 100, but he’s happy we’ve done it for him, says granddaughter


TOURISM Minister, Rodney Sikumba has today announced that Government is in the process of building a museum in memory of late founding President Kenneth Kaunda which shall be named as the ‘KK Memorial Museum.’

The minister made this announcement today during the launch of the KK at 100 celebrations and unveiling of the KK logo which took place at the Lusaka National museum .

Despite not being alive today, Sikumba acknowledged the fact that the nation would have been very delighted to witness its freedom fighter turn a century in his soil noting that non can talk of the Zambian legacy without the mention of the KK name.

“Government is almost working up to building what will be called the iconic KK Memorial Museum and the reason we need to do this is simply to maintain the legacy of Kenneth Kaunda,” said Sikumba.

“The phrase, One Zambia, One Nation echoes through the corridor of our history, reminding us of the unity, peace and strength that has defined us as people.”

The minister further commended the National Museum Board for its initiative to celebrate the nation’s founding father, while he gave a glimpse of the expectations that people should wait for on Kaunda’s actual birthday.

“One of the major highlights of this celebration will be a unique, captivating and inspiring exhibition of Dr Kenneth Kaunda that will be launched here at Lusaka National Museum on April 26, 2024. This will be a special exhibition and I urge all Zambians to come to the museum and learn more about our founding father and the values he stood for,” the minister said.

Representing the Kaunda family was granddaughter to the late President, Musata Kaunda Ndhlovu who described him as a man who lived his life well with dedication to love, service and resilience.

“Though we dearly miss him, his spirit and legacy continue to guide and inspire us. This celebration, marking what would have been his 100th year, fills us, his family, with immense pride and joy. It is a testament to a life well-lived, dedicated to love, service, and resilience,” she said.

“If I may reveal a little known secret about my grandfather: he had begun to count the years to this year, wanting to reach it. He didn’t of course but we can do it for him by living his dream of unity and love, Loving our neighbours; having first loved our God.

To borrow his words and thought: regard all men as your equal…’irrespective of tribe, social status, color, creed, or religion.’ Though we dearly miss him, his spirit and legacy continues to guide and inspire us.”

This year’s KK Celebrations will be held under the theme, One Zambia One Nation, commemorating a Legacy.

Meanwhile, the National Museum board chairman, George Mudenda said that the logo will be used in all activities that the National Museum Board will participate in.

Also present was Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) acting customs commissioner, Ernest Sigande said the date April 24 stands as a day that Africa Commemorates a figure who stands as a colossal in the country’s history and a beacon of the future who is worthy of celebrating as a man who liberated the independence of Zambia

“We know him for many Good things including liberating many Africans from the colonial rule, a family person, dedicated Christian, a lover of sports, and many more. Throughout his leadership, our country became a heavenly state for many freedom fighters,” said Sigande.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba March 3, 2024


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