Kalomo prophet defiles 9 year-old girl while praying for her


A KALOMO papa took Fools day too serious, as he fooled the guardian of a nine year old girl with a fake prophecy so that he could molest her on top of a mountain after a church service.

The day started off normally at Mawaya Pilgrim Church as the choir abused their voices singing praise songs and 36 year old Grey Muchindu later delivering his sermon.

After the service yesterday, it is reported that Muchindu claimed of seeing demons in the nine year old girl.

It is not known whether the demon he was his image or someone else’s as engineered a plan to cast out the supposed demon.

Being the master of trickery he conned the mother into giving up the daughter for a night of deliverance at his house.

With less suspicion and knowing that the man of ‘God’ was married, the child’s mother consented to him praying for her daughter and even handed her over to him after the Sunday service.

But instead of going to his house Muchindu changed the GPS location and their feet started going the other way – a nearby hill.

In the two’s company was also a 15-year-old girl whom the preacher took to the hills for prayers around 14:00 hours.

It seemed the demon he wanted to cast out of the innocent child manifested in him as went atop the mountain and outsmarted the older girl.

Munchindu allegedly told the 15-year-old girl to stop at a certain spot because he needed to proceed with the younger girl for prayers farther.

After the older girl remained behind, the prophet continued walking with the little girl and he unleashed his sexual demons on her instead of casting out whatsoever he saw in his spiritual realm.

A loud scream alerted the older girls and she wondered what could have happened.

When the two returned to where the older girl was left she observed dust and grass on her back like someone who was from being laid down.

While going home She reported the prophet and all hell broke loose on him as a Community Crimes Prevention Unity (CCPU) member apprehended him.

“The Prophet…remained at the hills whilst the two children went to a CCPU Member who later apprehended the suspect and brought him to the Police Station,” Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Auxensio Daka confirmed.

Daka said the victim’s mother later went on to make a formal report of the matter to Kalomo Police Station around 17:00 hours on the same day.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba April 2, 2024


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