Church wall crumbles during downpour, injuring nine


NINE members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mbala District were rushed to the hospital after a heavy downpour caused a church wall to collapse.

The incident occurred during a choir meeting on Saturday afternoon.

“The members sustained different injuries ranging from general body pains, painful waste, swollen heads, and cuts, among others, ” said Northern Province Police Commissioner, Lucky Munkondya.

Munkondya confirmed the incident happened around 15:35 when the choir had a meeting in one of the structures near the church wall fence, which later collapsed after a downpour.

Thankfully, a check by ZANIS at Mbala General Hospital revealed most of those injured have been discharged, with only two that were remaining due to high blood pressure.

CAPTION: Picture file for illustration

Kalemba April 1, 2024


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