Matero criminals caught red-handed in colourful crime


POLICE officers have once again taken a stride in combatting crime in the bustling streets of Matero Township in Lusaka after apprehending paint thieving duo.

Just weeks after the takedown of five daring criminals of Matero, the streets buzzed with anticipation as another duo of would-be thieves set their sights on mischief.

Their names, are Mike Mwansa, 32, and Emmanuel Hapeya, 31, both hailing from Chunga Township.

While football fever gripped the nation during the Zambia versus Zimbabwe showdown, the dynamic duo was busy orchestrating their latest caper – a daring break-in at a local hardware shop in Barlastone area.

It is reported that Mwansa and Hapeya had stolen paint and some funds.

Little did they know, their sticky fingers would lead them straight into the clutches of the law.

Free willing and free falling like the US Dollar to the Kwacha currently, the two colleagues wandered about Matero Shadreck area under this blazen March heat to sale their ill gotten merchandise.

Blissfully moving unaware that there lack was depletting like Airtel bundles, they moved about laden with buckets of stolen paint.

Hot on the trail of these modern-day bandits were the police after a complaint was logged.

With a stroke of luck and a dash of ingenuity, the police apprehended the duo red-handed – quite literally, as they attempted to offload their loot of colorful contraband.

Deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale confirmed the arrest.

Mwale revealed that further investigation, uncovered a treasure trove of evidence – from breaking implements to a suspiciously adorned Toyota Vitz vehicle suspected to be the get away car.

“Police discovered three different vehicle number plates bearing numbers BAV 2880, AIC 7933 and BBA 1564 together with 8 × 20 litres of PVA paint and currently, the two suspects are detained in Police custody,” said Mwale.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba March 26, 2024


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